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Key to Success

How we conduct ourselves in business is critical to the success of our clients. Please review the following and Contact Us for a free initial telephone consultation.

The Epicurus Group and/or its affiliates or subsidiaries, conducts business in the following manner while engaging in contract negotiations and during the course of a contract. Note: All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Epicurus sales personnel or senior executives will list the needs you detail by phone, online form or by email. An analysis of your requirements will be conducted, which may include research such as local or other reviews either in print or online as well as credit reports from a variety of credit bureaus. Note: initial consultations, including telephone calls are subject to billing at published rates. You will be entitled to one free telephone consultation with a senior executive at Epicurus. Thereafter, you will be subject to billing at published rates or at a rate to be determined by Epicurus, but never higher than our stated rates. A minimum of two hours per call after the initial free call may be applied. Epicurus reserves the right to waive such fees at its sole discretion and may elect to credit such fees upon signing.

A price for the service you requested is then determined based on which consultant you requested or the specific area of expertise your project required, PLUS the amount of time that it is expected to take to complete the tasks assigned to the consultant. (Minimum time may apply.)

We submit a proposal to you by phone or email specifying the price, estimated duration, hourly and overtime rates and other details. We require an engagement letter and a non-refundable deposit for all engagements. The deposit is determined by the nature of the project, distance and other factors. You are welcomed to ask any questions and we are obligated to answer those to the best of our abilities, however, an interview with an executive is, following an initial consultation, a second consultation and therefore, subject to the schedule below. If you request that we reply to specific proposal requirements, a request for proposals or engage in lengthy or multiple interviews by telephone, in person or by email, mail or fax, you will be subject to a minimum billing of one full day at the published per diem rate for the corporate executive interviewed. Individual consultants are not available for initial consultations.

2.Onsite Visits
Epicurus provides onsite evaluations in the United States and Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, based on distance from an Epicurus office or affiliate location.

We will provide a free telephone consultation to discuss your business and the requirements as a prelude to an engagement letter or contract. We can provide onsite visits to your location for an evaluation on a fee + expense basis. Please ask us about the cost of such visits.

If an onsite evaluation exceeds one day, a per diem rate is due for each day. For the purposes of calculating our time, a single day is defined as eight consecutive work hours, including meal and travel times. Time spent in transit to and from your location may be included in the fee at the sole discretion of the consultant.

Epicurus provides consultants outside the US and Canada for onsite evaluations under special circumstances only. Our normal evaluating team is based in the US. For international evaluations, we do such services by phone but if the client requires an onsite evaluation, special rates will apply, per consultant, plus expenses with a two day minimum. In either case, when a client pays a fee for initial consultation services, fifty percent (50%) of the consulting portion may be applied to the client’s fees after contract at the sole discretion of Epicurus. However there is no credit given without a signed contract.

Epicurus does not send consultants into war zones, disputed territories or countries engaged in war or terrorist activities. We comply with US State Department guidelines for all international travel. The safety of our consultants is the responsibility of our client while our consultant is in a foreign country.

Epicurus submits contracts for contract services only when there is clear evidence of the client’s good faith and ability to pay for our services. In order to submit a written proposal, Epicurus requires a good faith deposit of $500, in addition to any fees for initial consultations. This deposit is non-refundable, but credited to your first invoice in full, should you accept the proposal and sign a contract. The entire fee for this will be credited to your account should you accept the contract. However, if no contract is signed, there will be no credit or refund.

We do not submit proposals where no evidence of good faith or the ability to provide compensation is not made clearly evident.

We do not submit detailed proposals for any of our services without a retainer, covering the costs of producing such a report. In such cases, the retainer is credited to your first invoice, once the contract is signed. It is, however, non-refundable in the event that you decide not to accept the terms of the proposal.

We submit a draft contract for you to sign, with an attached confidentiality or non-disclosure form. If you are going to do business with us, you must sign these documents and return them to us within 5 business days with your initial payment as prescribed in the contract (and usually in the cover letter or email that accompanies it).

Once you have signed the contract, we can accept your certified check, Traveller’s Cheques, domestic or international money order or wire transfer for the initial payment. Personal or business checks are accepted, however, no work will commence until the funds have cleared our account. Payment must be included or arranged to coordinate with the return of the signed contract.

In the cases of US and Canada onsite visits where a fee is charged, an initial agreement covering only the evaluation is necessary, along with advance payment for half the fee. The balance will be payable upon arrival at your destination. No travel outside a 25 mile radius from base is undertaken without advance compensation. A five-business day clearance time is required in the case of any payments made by check. However, all other forms of payment will be cleared within one business day when travel may commence.

When a contract is signed, there is a pre-determined minimum that must be included with it. That is based on the location of the assignment, the nature of the assignment and the consultants needed for the work. This can range from 5% to 100% of the contract price. Usually, it is based on the first and last month for six month to one year contracts, first and last two weeks for three month contracts and 50% for less than three month contracts.

Many circumstances and conditions are evaluated before a final rate for your contract is calculated. These may include our costs, travel time and expense, the rate we pay the consultants, etc. Your rate may be less or more than the published rate. In cases of billing disputes only the contracted rate, payment must be made, including expenses up to and including the date of the dispute within 10 days. Thereafter, the project will be suspended for non-payment. We urge clients to pay their invoices on time to avoid late fees, penalties and collection action.

Where payment for a contract is required, Epicurus will invoice according to the terms of the contract. If, for example, the contract calls for bi-weekly billing, you may expect to receive an invoice every two weeks, commencing immediately upon the full utilization of the first portion of your retainer. Three months or longer contracts are usually invoiced monthly.

Copies of expense reports are presented to the client with invoices where expense reimbursement is required. Upon request, copied of all related receipts are available to the client. We provide the expense report as a means of simplifying the information for you. However, we are happy to comply with requests for expense receipts. No consultant may submit an expense report item without a copy of the receipt attached. Consultants are prohibited from providing the client with the original or copies directly. All such requests must be made through your sales representative or the accounting office.

Payment is due upon receipt of our invoices unless another arrangement has been made. A grace period is generally provided for mail delivery, usually FIVE business days. Invoices more than 30 days overdue will incur interest at rate of 2.159% interest per month. An additional late fee of $35.00 per month will be added to each month the invoice is unpaid. All late fees and interest accrue. Under no circumstances may interest accrue past 30% per annum. Delinquent accounts are dealt with using the maximum collection procedures allowable under law. All accounts will include a personal guaranty and our collection efforts may include seeking collection from the individual signing the agreement and/or the person who requested the service. Additionally, we reserve the right to take collection action against all officers and board members of a company or business in an effort to recover losses.

All clients doing business with Epicurus or its affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions provide and confirm their acceptance of a personal guaranty for the invoices, including both fees and expenses upon engaging in any agreement with Epicurus.

Epicurus no longer extends credit to its clients, however, all clients are subject to a credit reference check.

Credit is extended only to the payment due date. Requests for credit extensions are granted solely at the discretion of senior management and are subject to further credit check and require personal guarantees.

When Epicurus does grant an extension credit, it will be interest free if paid on time. In the event that your payment is late, a 2.159% per month interest will be applied to the period late and subsequent periods.

The annual rate of interest is 25.9%, based on 2.159% per month, accrued. Accounts placed in collection are subject to interest charges, plus all collection costs, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, court costs, collection agency fees, postage and other related expenses.

Epicurus takes all measures to insure that we provide our credit customers with proper invoicing and application of payments to your accounts. However, should your account be deemed in default, we will take all legal and necessary steps to insure payment to our firm, including, but not limited to placing credit reports with the various credit agencies, collections procedures and action in the courts.

7.Refunds, Cancellations, Credits
Because the services of Epicurus are provided by discussion, email or in writing and are intellectual property, they cannot be refunded or credited. Once you have received our consultant’s services, his/her opinions, information or replies are not subject to any satisfaction guaranty. We do not imply any warranty, guaranty or other surety of satisfaction with our services. We do assure that we will make every possible effort for our clients. If a client is dissatisfied with a consultant, we will make every effort possible to replace the consultant if a replacement is available. If a client seeks to cancel a contract, provisions in each allow the client to do so with sufficient notice and cancellation fees. Epicurus is second to none in its support for our clients and we will make every effort to give you the best possible service. Though cancellations are very rare, we feel it is important to allow clients this option. In some rare instances, we will issue credits to clients that may be used for additional consulting time only. However, such credits will only be issued where no replacement consultant is available. No credit may be issued for services already performed.

Quotations are valid for only 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of submission to clients. Prices may vary from original when the quote expires.

The terms and conditions specified above are subject to change without notice and may be applied retroactively to any and all agreements unless otherwise specified in a written contract.