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Five Decades Serving Clients, Two Millennia in the Making

341 – 270 BCE The life of our company namesake, EPICURUS of Samos, famed ancient Greek philosopher whose doctrines form a considerable part of contemporary Western culture and laid the foundations for the principles of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.Epicurus’ philosophy of “Pleasure is the highest goal” made his name synonymous with fine living, great cuisine, vintage wines and travel. Though he did not aspouse such indulgences, his life was spent in the pursuit of pleasures and the avoidance of pain. This particular doctrine laid the foundations for our mission statement and corporate philosophy.
1977 Robert Angelone leaves college in New York as a young man to attend the London School of Economics and to live in Mayfair, London.
1978 As a part of his studies, Angelone creates a new corporation named by Robert Morley, the famed British comedic actor. In researching the name, Angelone finds the commonality between Epicurean philosophy and his vision for the new company. In February, Epicurus Consulting is created.
1979 Angelone completes his Masters degree and moves to Paris, France to study Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu and LeNotre.
1980 Returning to London, Angelone resumes working for Grindlay’s Bank, where he served as a Managing Director responsible for hospitality industry and technology. During his tenure, the bank introduced the first PC’s, invested in several major hotel developments in London and other parts of Britain and Europe and funded the development of the first e-commerce enabled networks.Epicurus Consulting provides analytical services for the bank and is assigned on a consulting basis to client properties affording Mr. Angelone the opportunity of first hand experience with some of the finest hotel and restaurant management in Europe.
1984 Grindlay’s Bank is sold to ANZ Bank. Mr. Angelone continues providing contracted services to the bank for another year while phasing into independent consultation, working for some of his former assignees. During this period, the company sets a definitive focus on restaurants, hotels and foodservice.
1986 Shortly before his family’s home is sold, Angelone returns to New York on a temporary basis towards year end. He establishes residence of his own in New York.
1987 With the death of one of his parents, Angelone decides to remain permanently in the US and begins the process of taking on clients.
1989 A new corporate entity is created as a domestic corporation to replace the European entity.Epicurus is contracted to work for Restaurant Lutece to assist with the preparation for sale and takes on numerous other clients. The work eventually leads to the successful sale of the prestigious landmark restaurant. During this period, Angelone works with such noteworthy chefs and restaurateurs as Pierre Franey, Jean Jacques Rachou, Michel Fitoussi and others.
1993 Angelone moves the company from New York to Monmouth County, NJ
1995 Epicurus takes on Cyber Cafe in New York and helps it achieve the highest Zagat rating for food of any Internet cafe, volumes of press and considerable success with special events.
1996 During his term at Cyber Cafe, Angelone has the unique opportunity to participate in special events featuring the foremost leaders of the Internet for the next ten years… Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs, Steve Case (and others not named Steve). Given his learning experience, Angelone sets forth to create Epicurus.com. Initially, this vehicle was to serve the role of this website, but quickly took on the role of a consumer e-zine.
1997 In January, Epicurus.com formally becomes an e-zine with the foundation of a newsletter mailing list and a simple monthly newsletter, bringing Epicurus into publishing for the first time.Diane Rossen Worthington joins as Editor in Chief, Carol Wilson in Britain and Laurie Burrows Grad as senior editor, giving the website immediate credibility amongst foodies.
1999 Epicurus is approached by Primedia to consider taking Epicurus.com to print as a magazine. This sets forth a new publishing division and while the relationship with Primedia did not produce a print publication, it remained one of leadership’s goals.Epicurus adds new writers and volumes of recipes.

The consulting division adds new offices internationally. More than 4,100 people apply for work as consultants and writers that year.

Epicurus establishes relationships with food celebrities such as David Rosengarten, Albert Roux, Mary Ann Esposito and others.

Epicurus establishes guidelines for its operations, from rules and regulations for writers to the highest possible ethical standards for consulting services, and publishes its guidelines online, another first.

Epicurus Consulting publishes its basic contract terms, allowing potential clients to know precisely how we conduct our contracts and negotiations. We are the first consultancy online to publish such information, setting a standard few have been able to meet.

2000 Epicurus takes on new writers, new consultants and offices in Europe, Asia and South America.Epicurus.com reaches No. 1 status amongst Food & Drink magazine websites listed in the Yahoo Directory on a popularity basis. It holds this position for two years, consistently, surpassing others in the list including FoodTV, Food and Wine, Saveur, Cuisine and other major sites.
2001 Epicurus Consulting opens offices in six European and several Asia countries and Australia.The number of consultants on our registers reaches 250.

Epicurus.com is awarded numerous accolades for its “normal cooking” approach to recipes. A new recipe program is launched, placing recipes into database format.

Steven Acosta joins the firm and rapidly rises to Senior Project Manager.

2002 Epicurus.com takes 2nd place, where it remains to date, second only to Cook’s Illustrated, and surprassing, on a popularity basis, 55 of the major food magazine websites.Tne number of consultants reaches 290 with 27 offices around the world. Epicurus is now on every continent except Antarctica.
2003 Epicurus adds three more offices to reach 30 with more than 320 consultants.The Publishing division reaches 10,000 online recipes on the website and sets plans in motion for a magazine.
2004 Working with Zinio, a San Francisco based company specializing in the digital production of print magazines, Epicurus launches “EPICURUS Magazine”, the world’s first all-digital consumer magazine. The first issue in September is more than 100 pages long and garners significant press attention in the world of publishing. As a result, other food magazines such as Cuisine and Saveur follow suit, producing digital editions. Ever a trend-setter, Epicurus set out the model for launching a magazine directly to digital, skipping the print process altogether, saving a fortune in production costs.The consulting division opens the 35th office and reaches 368 consultants on our registers.

This website is established, moving its content from Epicurus.com, and dedicated exclusively to our consulting operations.

2005 EPICURUS Magazine is suspended as a result of trademark issues. Angelone, serving as Publisher, commits to re-establish the magazine.Epicurus Consulting adds new services, new consultants and offices, currently with more than seventy offices in 38 countries.
2006 Epicurus is co-founder of Harrison Prescott, LLC., a financial company providing services to investment banks, private equity firms and commercial banks. A new program is developed for business lending.The company shifts its focus away from restaurants and hospitality to the general business and financial communities.

EpicurusGroup.com is established and serves as a common site for online services to clients and consultants, alike.

Epicurus Consulting reaches more than 420 consultants, operating in 39 countries and 78 cities.

2007 Epicurus.com undergoes a major redesign and is rated one of the top 10 food sites for professionals, tied with FoodService.com and FoodTV by Restaurant Report Magazine.The company finalizes its program for financial services and engages new specialists with a focus on services to banks and financial institutions. We begin a shift away from restaurants and hospitality as our prime focus to financial services and the general business community, though we continue serving the needs of restaurants around the world.

McBlains.com is organized to provide documentation services to business, offering such work as business plans, operations manuals, training materials, promotional materials, etc.

Angelone helps develop the “Estilo Libre Latino” concept, and is quoted in FastCasual magazine, and the Louisville Dispatch-Courier.

2008-2010 Epicurus Consulting serves as advisors to a Congressional committee and begins the crafting of financial services legislation that becomes The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. Additionally, Dr. Angelone advises the Italian Ministry of Finance, British Exchequer, and US Department of the Treasury on a process to bail out the banking industry with financial security for the governments involved. His communications directly resulted in the use of appropriated funds that netted each government a sizeable profit with minimized losses.
2013 Epicurus Consulting aids in the creation of Autism Citizen, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the civil rights of the autistic, and fighting for acceptance over awareness.