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From the time Epicurus was founded, we have maintained a vision, based on Epicurean philosphy and practical sensibilities about the work we perform for clients and the industries we serve.

The Pleasure Principle:
The namesake of our company, Epicurus of Samos (pictured above) said “Pleasure is the highest good”. We believe this to be true in business. It should be a pleasure for both the employer and employee to come to work, to receive compensation for work performed and to receive the rewards and appreciation for a job well-done.

Taking this principle into consulting, our aim in every project is to bring as much pleasure to everyone involved in a business as possible. In lodging for example, the guests count first, but even the housekeeping staff should be able to enjoy their job as much as the guest staying in the room the housekeeper cleans. By taking that position, we ensure the success of the business as everyone is fundamentally satisfied with their experience. It is only when dissatisfaction becomes the common thread in a business that the concern fails. If customers are not satisfied, they leave, taking the company’s revenue stream with them. If management is dissatisfied, they don’t ensure that everything is working correctly, and systems disintegrate. When staff is unhappy, they express that state of displeasure by failing to perform essential work or working slowly. These always have a negative effect on the bottom line.

By providing systems, resources, training and support to ensure satisfaction for all, Epicurus brings success and ultimately, great pleasure to our clients.

Our methods may vary from industry to industry or even from job to job, but ultimately, the concept and goals are the same. We consider it “success with a smile”.