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Please be sure to read the page describing how we conduct business. This page includes the terms and conditions which you agree to by submitting the Contact form.

We look forward to providing exceptional service to your business and aiding in the growth, development and expansion of your business plans.

When contacted, please be assured that you are speaking with a senior officer and your discussions will be held in strictest confidence.

The rates below are our suggested pricing and may not apply to your consultation. Use these only as a guide for your discussion with our sales personnel or senior executive.

We have been asked at times to provide our rates for services we provide. These are our published rates, effective January 1, 2011.

Service Description Rates Rules
Initial Consultations, by telephone, fax, email or in person, after free 30 minute consultation. up to $600 hour 2 hour minimum per instance
Per Diem rates $1,000 to 5,000 1 day minimum
Business Plan Evaluations $750 to 5,000 per plan 2 day turnaround, minimum
Hourly rates $150 to 400 hour 4 hour minimum
Monthly Flat Rates $4,000 to 25,000 3 month minimum
Travel (auto expense) $0.937 per mile no discounts apply
Travel (other) Direct cost No markups
Printing or faxing $0.35 page 10 page minimum (international faxes + calling charges)
Writing business plans, training manuals, operations plans, and other documents for the development or operation of a business. Contact us Project rates may apply. Ask your sales representative.

Our rates vary from project to project, thus the rates seen here may not apply to your enquiry. We urge our visitors to contact us and speak with a sales representative or corporate executive to discuss ways in which Epicurus can make our consulting services affordable to your business.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: We are aware that from time to time people will attempt to seek information from our company and its employees and officers under the pretense of a request for our services. We view this as a theft of services, therefore, The Epicurus Group reserves the right to send an invoice and enforce its collection for any person deemed to be using our services without the intent to pay. Should such persons fail to properly pay for services rendered, we reserve the right to prosecute for THEFT OF SERVICES, which is a felony violation of law and punishable by fines and imprisonment throughout the US, Europe and most countries.