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Professional government relations
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In today’s economy, government relations is an essential component of almost every business. Our Government Relations Group serves our clients in a variety of ways, bringing their message to officials.

About Our Government Services

Epicurus’ Government Relations Group comprises a team of extraordinary professionals whose sole focus is the delivery of our client’s message to the key public figures, agency officials and legislators. Working in complete symmetry with our Consultants, the GR Group enables you to deliver the best message for maximum effect. The GR Group works in an extensive range of sectors.

Our services focus on:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Publications (books, websites, etc.)
  • Financial Services & Banking

[testimonial name=”Steven Acosta” about=”Mr. Acosta is a Vice President with The Epicurus Group” url=””]When you need access to legislators, political figures or government agency offiicals, or a strategy for dealing with government, Epicurus has answers.[/testimonial]

Our Government Relations Services
Government has taken an increasing role in business for the past 20 years. The financial crisis of 2008 has prompted government agencies to institute new rules and regulations, while Congress has enacted many new laws that may affect your business.

Identifying, interpreting and coping with these, and having the opportunity to voice your opinion directly to the key decision-makers is today, a critical part of corporate management, though this is usually outside the scope of a company’s normal routine. Management is not always able to gain access to those in power to consider and affect your concerns. Thus it becomes critical to have both the right strategy and the best possible access to the benefit of your business.

Epicurus Consulting’s Government Relations Group helps companies gain direct access to those in a position to clearly define laws and rules and how they’ll impact your business or who may be able to factor your concerns into the crafting of laws or regulations. Government works best when people and companies provide feedback and information to properly do its job and your right to express concerns is only good if you exercise that right.

The GR Group was successful in influencing and crafting the language of three provisions of Dodd Frank, among other key legislation and rule-making.

Within the GR Group, we have various teams, with special access to coordinate government relations efforts. This allows the GR Group teams to work, side-by-side with our consultants, project managers and directors to organize information in preparation for the task of crafting the most accurate, effective and productive results.

Please contact us for a free discussion of your government relations needs.