Dramatically lowered risk of business failure
Professional guidance for startup and acquired entities
Improved knowledge of business dynamics and strategies
Reduced risk of business failure

The rate of business failures in the United States is 81.1 percent annually. Less than 19% of businesses succeed to two years.

The real question is whether you plan to be a success or a statistic. If you’ve planned anything at all, that is. Most businesses fail because they have no plan. Hardly any of the businesses which fail annually spent the time necessary to write a business plan and conduct essential due diligence to determine the proper path to success.

Obtaining credit for businesses can, at times, be easy, if your personal credit is very good. On the other hand, you risk that good credit standing if your business fails. Indeed, business owners who suffer a failure of the enterprise are filing bankruptcy more than ever before.

The Epicurus Group has worked on legislation on Capitol Hill to create a new standard of business plan evaluation. Banks and companies will be required to follow this law, but why wait?

Have your business plan evaluated today and know whether the plan is suitable to your needs. Go into a bank fully aware of the requirements of your business and make certain your plan doesn’t leave your enterprise undercapitalized. Be certain you have the right stuff to bring your loan to maturity, a sure sign of business success.

Using our scoring system, and business expertise, we can help your company to reach success, whether you’ve already borrowed or plan to borrow, or are seeking investment from venture capitalists or your in-laws. Our services will guide you to a more efficient, positive plan, and provide you with the credibility needed to present the plan to any source of financing.

For banks, private equity firms, investment banks, insurers and investor groups, our service is best described at our Financial Services page.

Our independent analysis of your review will be performed by a team of professional evaluators, and you’ll receive a comprehensive review of your plan, in writing. If you like, we can also provide you with a range of services to improve your plan and even bring it to your bank.

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Have a business plan that has thought out every possible detail and contingency, and gives clear direction towards growth.
Your financials will be reviewed and scored to ensure you’ll have the best picture of financial success and will not be undercapitalized.
Evaluations of business plans provide entrepreneurs with greater understanding of how others may view the plan and the business in future, creating a greater understanding of the enterprise and its path to success.