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Dramatically lowered risk of business failure
Vastly improved rate of loans reaching maturity
Increase in small and mid-size business portfolio value
Improved entrepreneur education

Improving performance and reducing costs are always factors for financial institutions.

Shareholder expectations and management performance are measured constantly, making it critical for financial institutions of all kinds to produce improved results quarterly. This pressure on management and staff often produces positive results, but frequently, mistakes are made.

A storm is upon us. In 2007, the sub-prime mortgage market became a public mess for the banking and financial world. Top management often forced out, and mortgage values dropping, just as is the valuation of the real estate they finance. The storm, triggered by numerous causes resulted in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Reform Act of 2010, the most comprehensive financial reform bill in over 80 years. Our Institute was instrumental in crafting parts of that legislation.  Within the sections we helped craft are provisions intended to restore confidence among the investors in Asset Backed Securities, which we see as critical to restoration of a robust economy.

Our solution will prevent such a catastrophic storm from gathering sufficient wind to cause trouble. We will implement this program with an eye towards prevention of the storm, ensuring that participating institutions will not be affected.

The Epicurus Group is proud to announce our new program, incorporated into law, which is expected to significantly improve business, loan quality and dramatically reduce lending charge-offs. While we at Epicurus believe a financial storm is going to take its course over years, our program is intended as a pilot, to guide your firm to safe waters. 

Securities companies, ever vigilant in their diligence with investments of client’s funds may use Epicurus’ services to perform an independent analysis, review or full due diligence effort into the operation of companies. Epicurus is capable of providing full analytical reporting about a variety of industries.

Read our free report Bad Lending – Good Lending.


Our specialists provide the bank with the opportunity to expand sales, minimizing the bank’s exposure and risk.
Our consultants will help the bank keep and manage relationships, identifying specific needs which will improve sales the bank may made in the lending process and post-loan.
Evaluations of future and existing loans can minimize need for foreclosure, thus improving value the after-market value of a bank’s business loan portfolio and thus improving shareholder values.