Banking and Securities

Banking and Securities2012-05-12T21:40:55-04:00

Dramatically lowered risk of business failure
Vastly improved rate of loans reaching maturity
Increase in small and mid-size business portfolio value
Improved entrepreneur education

Our Banking & Securities Practice serves a wide variety of clients in commercial and investment banking.

We provide solutions to the key challenges our clients face today: operational efficiency and risk management.

About Our Banking Services
Banks lend funds to credit-worthy individuals and businesses for the development, expansion or acquisition of enterprises as a normal part of their daily operation. However, banks or securities companies rarely have the ability or need to hire in-house analysts able to properly evaluate those enterprises. Because the banks can’t obtain a fair, objective and educated analysis about such operations, the banks are often hesitant to lend to many of those companies. Epicurus can provide banks with an outsourced, independent, confidential third-party review of a business plan for a company of any size and provide the bank with detailed, scored analysis allowing the bank’s underwriters to properly evaluate the applicant company’s ability for success, ensuring that the management has a full understanding of all the nuances of the enterprise.

We offer an extensive program for banks to evaluate plans, minimize risk of business failure and conduct significant due diligence of a written business plan which is a zero-cost to the institution. Our programs, currently under review in Congress (12/19/2007) set the model for a future change in the lending process. We invite bankers to contact us for additional information or download our brochure.

Securities companies, ever vigilant in their diligence with investments of client’s funds may use Epicurus’ services to perform an independent analysis, review or full due diligence effort into the operation of companies. Epicurus is capable of providing full analytical reporting about a variety of industries.


Our specialists provide the bank with the opportunity to expand sales, minimizing the bank’s exposure and risk.
Our consultants will help the bank keep and manage relationships, identifying specific needs which will improve sales the bank may made in the lending process and post-loan.
Evaluations of future and existing loans can minimize need for foreclosure, thus improving value the after-market value of a bank’s business loan portfolio and thus improving shareholder values.