Corporate Finance

With an increasing appetite for initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and other strategic transactions, CEOs have an opportunity to revisit their business portfolios and consider some lessons from the recent past.

Our Corporate Finance practice is highly rated as an adviser to both companies and sponsors on domestic and international equity offerings. We act for companies, individuals, institutions and advisers on private acquisitions and disposals, where our specialists from throughout the firm provide seamless advice.

Well known for helping international businesses to plan strategically or to develop their operational needs in our market, we render advice from early stage strategic sparring, through practical preparations and the structuring of the financial deal, and to the pro-active participation in the commercial negotiations. Our vast experience means that we anticipate issues before they arise and provide clear, consistent and commercial advice. As consultants, we can add strength to negotiations and planning.

In today’s economy, credit is tight, and will remain so, and cash for business deals remains locked up, often unattainable for the average business deal. Working with a variety of financial sources, we can help advise your company in the best financing strategies to help you achieve goals.

Service Offerings

The Corporate Finance Practice serves small to mid-cap companies seeking to raise capital. Epicurus provides advisory services to such companies to better prepare them for the challenges of the modern capital raise.

Epicurus also provides services to investment banks and other financial institutions in the evaluation and analysis of prospective investments with companies in those service sectors where Epicurus has particular expertise.

Services for Investment Companies

We help investment companies develop and refine their strategy and find the right organizational configuration to implement it. We also help firms make business process enhancements and address integration issues at each stage of the investment process.

Opportunity Scans
We help companies identify winning opportunities in specific industries and geographies and quickly quantify turnaround potential.

Deal Assessment and Due Diligence
When companies make acquisitions or invest, we perform strategic due diligence, evaluating product positioning and competitive threats and opportunities. We also provide confirmatory due diligence by evaluating management capabilities, benchmarking operational performance, interviewing customers and suppliers, and validating business models and projections.

Cross-Portfolio Support
We can help firms increase the value of their portfolio by taking a cross-portfolio perspective. Using detailed diagnostics, we identify financial, operational, technological, and strategic performance opportunities.

Services for Portfolio Companies

Growth Strategy
Our consultants help assess and select target market opportunities as well as define products or service lines.

Go-To-Market Strategy
We help portfolio companies clarify their value proposition and segment focus, design indirect channels, and select appropriate partners for sales, distribution, and development. We also help establish an optimal pricing strategy for new products or services.

Whether a portfolio company is developing an initial market positioning or working to reposition itself, our consultants help assess market opportunities and the company’s assets and competitive situation. We also help develop a game plan for creating new market opportunities.

Organizational Effectiveness
We help determine an optimal organizational structure, along with appropriate performance metrics and business processes. We also assess a company’s people and skills, looking at capabilities and requirements.

Product Development
By instituting disciplined processes, our teams help portfolio companies enhance product quality and productivity. We assess and give focus to R&D efforts, and we ensure that pricing is customer and market driven.

Operations Improvement
We benchmark a company’s operations and establish best practices in purchasing, manufacturing, call/contact centers, and supply-chain management. After determining the optimal business model, we formulate a plan for improvement through outsourcing, partners and alliances, or other methods.

Business Building
Our teams help portfolio companies establish and build businesses based on new ideas and concepts. Our industry knowledge and analytical skills are critical as portfolio companies strive to balance strategy and action when setting up new businesses.