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Food with Good Taste™

At Epicurus we believe that in the restaurant business, quality must be paramount when it comes to customer service. Any restaurant serving mediocre food will soon find itself on its way to bankruptcy.We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible recipes, using fresh, high-quality ingredients, yet remaining vigilant on the matter of cost.

To achieve great taste in food, Epicurus has a number of chefs working as consultants, developing extraordinary recipes for our clients. With our team of culinary professionals, and three creative labs ready to conduct complex taste testing, we are able to design recipes that will have broad customer appeal.

Our Specialists and Partners in the Culinary Division will work tirelessly to ensure your menu is creative, yet engineered to maximize sales and maintain low cost of production.

Food, we believe, must always taste exceptionally good. When we’re developing recipes, we aim to provide maximum flavor. Our Chairman, who holds Maitre de Cuisine status, sets the tone for our philosphy when he says “At a successful restaurant, the food should dance on the palate.”