Full laboratory facilities
Product development and marketing
Specialists available in all beverage types and bottling
Strong product launch capabilities

Our practice areas with beverages are extensive and diverse, from bar training to product marketing and scientific analysis

About Our Beverage Expertise

For Restaurateurs
A well-planned and implemented beverage service is as important as the quality of your foodservice operation and can be your leading profit center. If not properly managed, beverage service may become your biggest loss leader; one that could diminish every aspect of your operation. Utilizing our experience in this key area will result in substantial increases in revenue, profit, customer retention and satisfaction. Establishing a quality beverage operation can also identify your facility as a destination center for all levels of entertaining, catering and successful special events. Through decades of experience we have put together a network of consultants, specializing in different areas of beverage operations. With our network on your team, we can create a customized beverage operation accounting for every aspect of your operations needs.

For Manufacturers
Fruit juices and flavored waters, soft drinks and spirits all demand outstanding flavor systems. For every type of beverage, Epicurus can provide the ideal taste consumers crave.

We are experts in creating specific flavor types. Working with additional professional flavor companies in the development of special flavors for your products, Epicurus provides a comprehensive creative resource, including noted chefs, flavor scientists and specialists.

Successful new product development often requires collaborative concept generation and flavor insight right from the start. From concept through development, chemical and flavor analysis, to branding and product launch, Epicurus is there with you, providing support and stability as your product moves through the development process.


  • Around the world, our beverage flavors satisfy local taste preferences, legislation, and production standards.
  • From formulation to manufacturing, our expert flavorists and technologists work with you to produce ideal beverages.
  • Flavor system integrity ensures a long product shelf life.
  • Epicurus helps you translate existing flavors from country to country, as well as create new, one-of-a-kind beverages.