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For guests, the restaurant industry has never looked this good. Food is better than it’s ever been, with an abundance of quality chefs creating spectacular cuisine and an increasing range of products for them to work with. But for restaurateurs, under relentless cost pressures and facing rising demands, the outlook is less than rosy.

Entering into, or operating within the restaurant industry today, requires an in-depth knowledge of more than 20,000 varying subjects. It is impossible for one owner, or even the best chefs to know everything required of them. The difference between engaging a qualified consultancy and attempting to do it all yourself is the difference between success and failure, respectively.

Less than 10 percent of restaurants opened each year will survive to five years, and fewer than 20 out of 100 will make it to a second anniversary. The question becomes whether your restaurant should be a success or a statistic?

With more than 30 years experience in this field, Epicurus Consulting has remained one of the leading groups of experts in this field. We work with the best professionals to establish outstanding restaurants that succeed. We look forward to helping you establish or reorganize your enterprise into a cost-effective, rewarding business that is and remains popular with the dining public. Let us help you reach long term goals.

To discuss how you can be successful, please request a professional, 30 minute consultation, absolutely free.