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Guest development and Event Planning are key
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Epicurus’ Guest Development Practice draws upon the expertise of professional hoteliers, restaurateurs, caterers and concierges to assist clients in ways to successfully build positive relationships with existing and new guests. This service is supplemental to our Lodging Practice, providing the client with back-up marketing and development support.

Retaining and building a positive guest relations policy is one of the keystones of hotel, restaurant, catering and all hospitality service businesses.

About Our Guest Development Group

Planning & Logistics
Creating and executing a plan to develop and maintain positive guest relations should always be customized, even within chain properties. Each location, whether a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality enterprise will have it’s own unique attributes and features that you’ll want to feature in building that audience. Planning the program also requires an individual understanding of the property’s audience. Different cultural, ethnic or religious core audiences require special planning.

Guest Insights
We deliver expertise in hospitality to provide every client with in-depth insight about their client base. Understaning who the guest is and what they desire is a critical step towards success.

Knowing the Audience
Research will show who the guest audience is and what their preferences will be in terms of food, beverage, lodging, amenities and location. Combining survey results with demographics, statistical research and other resources provides a clear picture of who the guest is, and in turn, how to attract that guest to the particular property.

Organization and Resource Building
Within each property, the role of guest development is both broad and specific. Every employee is part of the process, but managers are charged with the actual development and relationship. Organizing the structure and creating the processes for staff to follow make it possible for a property to not only bring in new guests, but develop a repeat visit relationship that has broad effects on the market for the property.

Creating a strategy for guest development, relationship and marketing is no simple task. Our professionals advise clients in both long and short-term strategies with specific effects in mind.