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Frequently, companies will be faced with the inability to directly manage a significant division, unit or subsidiary for lack of the proper manpower or simply because that unit is outside the company’s normal operational focus. In such cases, companies often face several difficult options: whether to sell the unit; to close it; or to engage a management company to run it for them.

About Our Management Services

Maximizing revenues from a unit of your company may not be as easy as it would seem. Sometimes special labor services that fall outside the scope of your business’ normal hiring range prevent companies from capitalizing on what could be a significant revenue stream. An example of this is a New York retailer, with two magnificent restaurant spaces on their ground floor. Not in the restaurant business, the retailer did not want to run the spaces, but sought to have them run as restaurants for the convenience of their clientele and the profit the two spaces could generate. Faced with a difficult choice, they opted to engage a managment firm to hire all the key management staff, operate the venues and provide the bulk of profits back to the company.

Our Management Services
Epicurus conducts a preliminary evaluation of a property where our management services are sought.

Once our Management Group has determined that the locations are suitable for a management firm to operate, we will either engage in a direct contract with the owning company or structure (in cases of a conflict of interest) with additional management companies we work with.

With a diverse range of expertise within Epicurus, we are capable of operating, under contract, restaurants, foodservice operations, retail operations, hotels and other lodging, hospitality or retail service enterprises.

We will drive business and financial efficiencies through business processes to improve productivity, increase profitability, reduce costs and enhance competitive advantage, while bringing to each managed location, our overall expertise in every aspect of the enterprise.


  • Cost of operation are lowered.
  • Possible tax benefits
  • Brand development is conducted, along with marketing and public relations to develop strong marketshare.
  • Sustainable income is generated with minimal risk and exposure for the parent company.