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Wide range of accountancy services
Sophisticated, efficient and productive financial services
Expert advisory services for your opportunities

Our CFO Strategic Services help clients to improve their accounting and finance functions, transforming the finance organization into a business partner. Our methodology addresses people, processes and technology and focuses on reducing days to close, increasing budgeting and forecasting effectiveness, and reducing costs. With our assistance, finance organizations can move to improved practices, enhancing their value to internal and external customers.

About Our Accounting Services

As consultants, Epicurus provides a wide range of services in the area of accountancy. Though we do not serve as any client’s accountants, we provide our clients with the resources needed to structure a sophisticated, efficient and productive financial services division. This affords each client with cost-effective internal accounting services that have the resources to produce maximum financial benefit to the company.

Our services focus on:

  • Financial closing and consolidation
  • Strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance metrics and management
  • Sourcing & procurement
Our Accounting Services
For any client, whether a new enterprise or an established one, improving the bottom line is not always about cutting the cost of production or improving efficiencies. Often, it is about streamlining financial operations and ensuring that the accounting work within the enterprise produces maximum detail in its reporting to management and gives a clear picture of existing conditions and projections for future conditions.By providing the consultation services to help organize an efficient accounting system and department, Epicurus brings unexpected results, allowing client companies to realize more revenues, lower costs and produce higher profits. Benefits Our services deliver measurable benefits to the accounting and finance organization, and the entire business:

  • Reduced time to close the books each period
  • Improved quality, accuracy, and timeliness of financial information
  • Elimination of unnecessary and/or manual activities
  • Increased ability to make business decisions with actual data
  • Decreased cost of the accounting and finance function
  • Transparency for internal and external reporting
  • Improved investor confidence
  • Reduce accounting errors and earnings restatement

Note: The Epicurus Group and its subsidiaries are not accountants. Rather, we employ or contract with highly qualified consultants and accounting firms to provide our clients with optimal services specific to your industry and needs.