Professional documentation services
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Successful documents require specialist insight

For any project, documentation is a critical component. The preparation of manuals, guides and other critical tools to operate a business depend on correct documentation of facts and instructions.

About Our Documentation Services

Epicurus is second to none in our dedication to proper documentation for our clients. From the simplest forms to complex manuals and policy statements, our professionals are prepared to generate serious, quality materials for your business. Our diverse expertise allows us to generate documents in a wide range of subjects. We’ve written on every conceivable subject from accounting to zoology in our three decades of operation.

Our Documentation Services
Epicurus provides each client with a documentation team, ranging from one to four people, depending on the volume of documentation required for the projects we undertake. The team will prepare the core document and work with other consultants on the project and the client to produce a final draft, ready for the client to read, review and edit.

No matter what type of business you manage, there is inevitably, a point where documents of some kind are needed. Our work includes business plans, proposals, marketing materials, brochures, sales materials, product descriptions, employee manuals, operations manuals and so on.

Successful document development often requires specialist insight right from the start. From the first page, we’re there with you, providing not only the ability to write on a subject, but to make clear the very subject being documented.

Our documentation services will save you time, money and ultimately, the vast risks you face for not having the right documents in place. For example, the lack of employee documentation can result in a less than favorable outcome if your company ever has a labor-related lawsuit. With a proper manual for each employee, and the means of assuring each has accepted the terms, you reduce your liabilities dramatically.


  • Our specialists identify the standards and the requirements and begin the process of preparing professional documents needed to today’s business world. We’ll provide you with the materials you need for a successful enterprise.
  • When you have identified the documents you believe are required, our consultants can show you specific areas that will help further your goals in ways you probably did not conceive.
  • Our full consulting services are available to guide you through the entire process and beyond, covering every aspect of your enterprise.