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Professional consultants provide expert testimony
Witnesses capable of providing a wide range of services
Expert witnesses in forensic accounting and lab analysis

In today’s complex court cases, attorneys require significant support resources. Our expert witnesses are capable of providing a wide range of services to law firms or prosecutors. With an extensive array of expertise, Epicurus is capable of providing such services as forensic accounting and lab analysis.

About Litigation Support

Epicurus’ professional consultants have been called upon to provide expert testimony and witness services by lawfirms seeking our extensive resources in such areas as food, the restaurant business, hospitality and lodging and other areas. Our consultants can provide expertise in the following areas:

Forensic Cost Accounting

Our financial experts, combined with specialist consultants in all our areas of practice are capable of identifying the most critical accounting conditions that may be affecting a case. This is critical in cases where fraud is suspected, or, where a claim for lost revenues is made.

Expert Testimony

At Epicurus, our consultants are leading experts within their field, each having the substantial credentials required by attorneys. Our Media Training resources gives each specific training to calmly, rationally and professionally provide expert testimony in court or other public hearings.


We can help identify the most obscure condition or compositions affecting a case. In one case in which Epicurus was the expert witness, we identified the differences between two distinct flavors, helping a major restaurant chain settle a multi-million dollar suit. Our expertise allowed the client’s attorney to show, through discovery, that scientifically, the claimant had no basis for a claim. The client paid only the legal fees of the claimant in settlement, resolving the case for less than $8,000.