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Comprehensive evaluation of business operations
Advisers, providing resources, knowledge and expertise
We drive business and financial efficiencies

Rapidly growing companies often experience considerable stress on infrastructure. Redesigning key processes can help sustain growth over the long term, achieving efficiencies, improving cash flow and maintaining profitability. Our business performance improvement services include operations performance improvement, chargeback management services, hour and wage solutions, and merger integration services.

About Our Management Consulting Services

Corporations today, of all sizes, face a multitude of challenges, each creating their own critical impact upon the bottom line. Regulatory requirements, high fuel prices and increased interest rates are but a few of the factors altering the way corporations conduct business in today’s highly competitive market. The most established companies are faced with start up competitors that are capturing significant audience share in short time. Corporate governance is under increased scrutiny and financial controls have become an increasingly essential instrument of business survival. Management faces a myriad of increasingly daunting tasks to keep the company both profitable and in compliance. Our Management Group serves as advisors to management, providing corporate leaders with the resources, knowledge and expertise required to make the hard choices in today’s business climate.

Our Management Consulting Services
Epicurus provides a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of a corporation’s business operations from top to bottom, reviewing every process and practice of the company, seeking commonalities and opportunities for streamlining and efficiencies.

Our Management Group also reviews the corporate governance, for government compliance, and ways to guide leadership to greater success and sustainable profitability.

In cases where mergers have taken place, our Management Group seeks out and identifies those areas of both enterprises where duplications and redunancies may occur, and we guide the leadership to common solutions best suited to the merged entity.

We will drive business and financial efficiencies through business processes to improve productivity, increase profitability, reduce costs and enhance competitive advantage.


  • Cost and operational efficiencies help a company ‘tighten’ expense and increase profits, while improving the business process.
  • Guiding leadership towards sustainable profits is reassuring to shareholders and provides analysts with justification to increase a company’s ratings.
  • Increasing market share through proper investment in product or service marketing gives companies back their competitive edge, resulting in improved sales figures.

Service Offerings

The management consulting practice is organized by functions to ensure we can best address the specific challenges that clients face in their business environment. Regardless of where you are in the world, we offer the same expertise and consulting services.

Functional Expertise

Marketing and Sales
We help our clients address their core marketing challenges both in personal financial services and in wholesale banking. We assist with branding and brand management, using sophisticated proprietary techniques. We deploy our marketing spend effectiveness know-how to help clients find the most effective way to target their above- and below-the-line marketing expenditures. Our distinctive marketing experience extends to customer insights and market research techniques, as well as marketing organization.

Operations and Technology
We aim to create sustainable advantage from operations and IT, which typically account for 40-50 percent of total operating costs. Our client work substantially reduces the cost base and notably improves product/service quality and throughput time. We design and implement superior middle- and back-office operations processes. We assist in implementing new IT business solutions and in outsourcing or offshoring of operations and IT. Studies range in scale from a small team doing initial competitive benchmarking to a large-scale, multi-month change program to achieve a quantum leap in IT and operational performance

Risk Management
We advise clients in how to approach risk as a fundamental driver of overall strategy and bottom-line performance. We combine a deep understanding of specific risk factors with an integrated company-wide risk perspective, including an assessment of business implications. Major engagement themes are: risk measurement and management, risk taking strategies and capital management to be applied selectively to individual risk categories (credit, market, operational, and business risk), as well as to the overall risk portfolio. We have experience in leading complex company-wide risk-related change management programs.

Corporate Finance
We offer clients independent advice on the best way to grow and create shareholder value. Typical engagements include developing a long-term corporate transformation strategy; providing execution support for a merger, acquisition, or spin-off; and assisting in post-merger management to ensure the capture of maximum value from a transaction. Our banking-specific toolkit includes value-based management., asset liability management, capital markets diagnostics, and M&A valuation

We have broad experience in helping clients resolve the complex and intractable problems of organization. Our key areas of impact are: structure, design and governance to ensure models and processes that are robust, effective, and contribute to the creation of competitive advantage; talent, motivation and performance to help achieve higher level results, from stepping up management capabilities to designing strategic incentives to creating processes that enhance group energy and alignment; transformation, to accelerate and deepen innovation, manage change, and align corporate culture with business strategy; and global leadership to address the challenges of global and regional banks.