Create professional customer relationships
Expert brand development
Experienced marketing organization development

Epicurus’ Marketing & Sales Practice draws on global resources to build substantial, profitable growth through superior marketing. We bring highly experienced marketing professionals and state-of-the-art knowledge, both closely connected to Epicurus’ industry and client expertise.

  • We focus on the most relevant marketing issues – issues that reflect real-world concerns of business leaders.
  • We ground our work in a thorough understanding of customers and their needs.
  • Our scale of engagements keeps us at the forefront of marketplace developments.
  • Knowledge development plus experience enables us to provide road-tested strategies in a rapidly evolving marketing environment.

About Our Marketing Services


Brands can be a company’s most valuable intangible asset. Our research has indicated that companies with strong brands earn up to 5 percentage points higher total return to shareholders than their industry counterparts.

Customer Insights

We combine our broad expertise in understanding complex business issues with our ability to design research that delivers a deep understanding of customer needs. We develop leading-edge capabilities, including theoretical and technical applications.

Customer Loyalty

Research has shown that improving customer migration can bring up to four times the economic impact achieved by increasing customer retention alone. We employ approaches to quantify and deliver customer value by addressing both attrition and downward migration.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM turns information about customers into a rich source of ideas for performance improvement. A compelling customer relationship strategy based on superior analytics and clear business objectives creates value for the organization through innovative relationship programs supported by customer-oriented processes, organization, and technology.

Marketing Organization and Capability Building

By focusing on building marketing capabilities that link directly with the strategic and economic objectives of the business, we help clients create marketing organizations that contribute directly to growth.

Marketing Spending Efficiency and Effectiveness

Doing more with less marketing spending has become a CMO imperative. By applying a comprehensive set of efficiency and effectiveness levers, companies are able to increase topline results while reducing marketing spending by 15 to 25 percent.

Marketing Strategy

Drawing on our expertise in pricing, branding, and sales force management, we apply innovative ideas “using specific tactics and a rich understanding of technologies” to create an implementable marketing strategy.


By addressing pricing opportunities at both a strategic and tactical level, we help our clients achieve significant and sustainable gains in profitability through superior pricing management.

Sales and Channel Management

We combine Epicurus’ strength in business strategy with a deep understanding of changing customer needs, technological evolution, emerging “go-to-market” strategies, consultative selling models, sales force skill building, and compensation issues.