New Properties

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Our practice areas with new properties range from selection to property management.

About Our Property Expertise

Epicurus is prepared to assist your firm in selecting the most suitable and marketable property for your next project. Whether a full scale hotel, boutique hotel, motel, inn, restaurant, cafe, bistro or retail food shop… or even an Internet cafĂ©, Epicurus can find the most applicable location with the best market share and the best possible visibility and traffic flow. We can assist from location through full construction and operation of the property. EPICURUS has worked in the past with real estate brokers internationally to identify suitable locations on a global scale for our clientele. We’ve worked with architects around the world to develop properties.

Our Property Services

Successful new property development often requires insight right from the start. From concept through development, Epicurus is there with you, providing support and stability as you move through the development process.

In addition to dealing with new properties, we also provide comprehensive evaluation and appraisals of existing properties. When preparing a location for sale or lease, it is usually best to have an independent appraisal or evaluation performed, with a particular focus on identifying those aspects that make the property sale-able to others in the same industry. We will evaluate things traditional realtors may ignore, simply because they are not focused on the specifics of your property’s uses.


  • Around the world, our specialists identify local preferences, legislation, and engineering standards, affording you with expert property evaluation and appraisal before you buy. We’ll give you the information your broker or agent will never provide.
  • When you’ve selected a property that is suitable to your specific needs, our professional specialists will help you through every stage of the planning.
  • Our full consulting services are available to guide you through to a successful opening and beyond, covering every aspect of your enterprise.
  • Epicurus helps you translate brands and concepts from country to country, while keeping your theme and the creative spark your customers seek.