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Strong organizations require organized thinking
Professionals build planned structure
Strategic planning means long-term growth

Questions of organizational structure and strategy are perennial issues though they don’t usually grab the headlines. But when they do, these issues force CEOs to reassess the limits, prerogatives, and responsibilities of their role in an organization

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Forces such as globalization, new technology, and increasingly powerful human capital require more from today’s firms and leaders. Few can survive in a reactive mode, lurching from crisis to crisis. More and more companies are seeking to become highly adaptive, balancing attention to today’s performance with the creation of future options; and a very few are becoming creative shapers of their industries and destinies. A highly effective organization is the key to this journey, and perhaps the only sustainable source of advantage. Epicurus’ Strategy practice helps leaders speed their firms along this journey. We help clients in the four domains outlined below.

Corporate Governance
As a counselor to top management, Epicurus has helped companies and investors in many markets strengthen governance practices. Over the past 10 years, we have made the topic of corporate governance a knowledge development priority.

Motivation, Performance, and Talent
We have a wide range of diagnostic and intervention methods to help firms achieve new levels of performance, from strengthening managerial and executive talent to designing strategic incentives to creating processes to enhance group energy and alignment.

Institutional System Design
Our experience and research on governance and organization design enable us to help organizations create internal and external governance for competitive advantage. We have particular experience with the special problems of global and globalizing firms.

Corporate Transformation
The practice offers a range of interventions to help organizations accelerate and deepen transformation. These range from novel institutional arrangements to methods for increasing the change-readiness of individuals, groups, and entire firms.

Legislative Architecture
The practice offers a strategic manner to accomplish legislative goals that help your specific company and disguise your company’s legislative successes from competitors.