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The Epicurus Institute (TEI) was established in 1998 as an independent economics think tank within The Epicurus Group. Its primary purpose is to undertake original research and develop substantive points of view on critical economic issues facing businesses and governments around the world. TEI investigations are conducted with the goal of improving business performance and competitiveness while establishing a fact base for sound corporate, national and international public policy making.

The Institute is unique in that it conducts a combination of theoretical and scientific analysis in the finance and banking sectors, providing comprehensive studies for clients.

The Institute is well-respected on Capitol Hill as a leading economics adviser, having submitted testimony in several key pieces of legislation and for its work on the Dodd-Frank Bill.  By providing fact-based reporting and credible forecasting, the Institute’s reputation remains exceedingly high among members of both parties.

When founding our economics think tank, the Board of Directors of The Epicurus Group sought to create an instutute with significant leadership and expertise from the academic community and the various market segments we serve.

Utilizing our relationships with such entities as The London School of Economics & Political Science among others, the Board organized The Epicurus Institute.

Specifically serving those sectors of industry and commerce in which The Epicurus Group has practice groups, The Epicurus Institute is truly unique.

Each consulting client receives the benefit of The Institute’s research and collective expertise.

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